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Welcome to www.bones.org , the home of the Cornell University Marching and Pep Band Trombones. Look through our history; peruse our scandalous photo album; sound off on the self-censoring bone board! And of course, take a sneak peek at the cavalcade of whimsy that is our lives.
Like the band room floor, the meat of a swine must be properly cured.

Sleepy Bones and Pets

Old people are sleeping. Please do not disturb them. Unless they're Kathryn, in which case, send her balls and balls of fingers.

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    Index  That's Here!
    Section Info  Just who the Eff are we, anyway? A general overview.
    History  "We Are the Bones," An article written by co-section leader Adara Alston '99 for an issue of the Big Red Band newsletter. But the bastards edited it. Here's the complete, uncut version. Dammit.
    Current Members  'Cause they can't arrest ALL of us... This year's roster
    Alumni  Crotchety Old Farts
    Traditions  Stupid Bone Tricks
    Quotes  Was it something we said? Yes, the Mother of All Quote Lists returns. A compilation of stupid things we say.
    Pictures  Bone Pix
    Recordings  Ahhhh... Infotainment
    Songs  Sing-a-long with Da 'Bones!
    BEER!  Bone Beer, the legacy.
    Bone-L  YOUR guide to the boredom that is Bone-L
    Links  Bones 'round the world! A listing of other online bone sections and other stuff
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    we stole this design from a porn site in 1997
    2020-10-09 22:47:29 - cutting edge

    Chris Sale pitched the first and last pitch of the World Series. That's pretty cool.
    2018-10-29 00:21:16 - Orel Hershiser

    hi bones, time for the annual bone board post! Stay classy
    2015-12-06 12:53:42 - rico

    Happy 20th Birthday. Joe wants to say that "W W W" is 6 more syllables than "World Wide Web"
    2014-11-14 19:26:10 - joe

    There are posts here from 2010, man. 2010.
    2014-09-04 15:07:15 - Mingus

    I think we're all missing the obvious choice...
    2012-10-12 13:07:53 - ol' school

    I'm guessing that's the ancient archeological monument of Bonehenge.
    2011-09-06 10:46:07 - The Bone Board Lives

    Re: front page picture - maybe they're demonstrating an administration approved team-building activity that the Greeks can use in place of pledging.
    2011-09-01 16:41:57 - carbs

    There are no frames here. Tables? Yes. Frames, no. Frames were annoying when I designed this site in the 1900s. A bone app would be killer, until the bones of 2024 start picking on it.
    2011-01-13 17:35:08 - The future, Conan?

    as cool as FRAMES are, we need some serious overhaul, here. Even like a wiki page loaded with targeted cookie ads would be a little outdated... Im thinking iPad app.
    2011-01-12 00:53:48 - rico

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