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Bone Recordings

Since the bones are the best section in the band, both socially and musically, each year we are called on to be featured on the Big Red Band album. Of course many of our songs were arranged by Mike "Beaker" Stuhlmiller '94. Here is a list of our songs and cheers that someone, somewhere went through the trouble of converting to electronic form. Enjoy our sonorous sounds!

(2/5/01)More recently, others have tried their hands at arranging music. Most notably are gurus Mike "Chips" Steinfeld '03 and Jacob "Slappy Boudy Sweetmeat Buttercup Wheels Slapmaster J" Sayward '03. With the release of Marching and Pep Band CDs, getting things into MP3 format is much easier. Songs are in mp3 format unless said otherwise.. The days of .aifc are ovah!

Big Red Band songs that feature Da Bones:


The Big Red Band also has a page for recordings. You can catch us in action there, too.


**Note to other ensembles**

For those of you aspiring trombonists who are looking to acquire some of our great arrangements for your own organization, we're flattered, really. But we refer you to a statement released by 1999 Co-Section Leader Aris "Arsk" Tsoupros on the issue:

    We're sorry, but we like to keep songs that we arranged in our section.  
    They help us define our unique group, and giving them away and hearing 
    them played by other bands can be offensive to us.  It doesn't matter 
    where you are from, we are bound to have 'bones from Cornell located 
    there.  Thanks for visiting our site, and if you really like our songs, 
    come to Ithaca and join our section!

Also, for those of you aspriing trombonists who are looking to acquire some of our great arrangements and have money to throw around, we refer you to a statement released by '03 arranging gurus Chips and Jacob:

			"Sure, we'll sell our souls.... Cheap."

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