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BoneComing Quotes

BoneComing '94

September, 1994

"You must drink!"
-- The old guy at Olivers (this kind of set the theme for the entire weekend)

"I bet your roomates think you're a real pain"
-- The waitress at Mano's to Craig

"Andy, try taking a shot of whiskey and then chasing it with the whisky and coke -- It tastes just like coke!"
-- Mike, just before realizing he WAS drinking coke

"Craig puked!"
-- Almost everyone at the party on Sat. night

"I am stogey-man" (to the tune of I am Iron-man)
-- Mike and Ersk outside of Jasons

"Yellow is bad."
-- Sammy, Monday morning after admiring the snot from his nose

"Ayeeahe you asshoghewrguaye wshopisdyu be quiet! godkhjasdfhdamnekru..."
-- Girl (guy?) in neighboring apartment after realization that Ersk and about a dozen other uncouth guys were watching her and her man go at it. Please imagine a pseudo-falsetto rage-against- the-machine hysterical I'm going to kill your mother and rip your entrails out voice when repeating this quote.

"Throw another apple! Slower!"
-- All the horny bones getting excited with Lynn's throwing motion

"I'm from Boston - I'm allowed to do this."
-- Dersk, backing through an intersection, cutting off Craig of all people. (He honestly did not know it would be Craig...)

"Ersk, do you realize you've broken something in every apartment I've lived in?"
-- Torch

-- Dersk, introducing Cousin Ketal to Da Bones

"Let's go WHITE!"
-- More horny bones commenting on the Cheerleaders wet white T-shirts

"Let's go tackle the Princeton tiger!"
-- Some dumbass drummer

"Touch it really fast two or three times and you'll get power, Power, POWER"
-- Dersk (refering to his pathetic.....rental car)

"Oh my God, there's blood in my alcohol stream!"
-- Dersk

"...abuahhhh... "
-- Craig, last to notice the babe outside the Campus Store.

"Let's make piss circles"
-- Mike

"You must consume."
-- Rich K. to many an undergrad bone

-- a phrase yelled many times during one of the many games of quarters played last weekend, perhaps the most frequently used word overall

"Give my regards to Davy
We won the f*cking game
Tell all the pikers on the hill
that we won the f*cking game..."
-- jubilant and red-nosed bones

"Craig, you need more vices."
-- Sammy?

"I don't know! *shrug*"
-- Rich, horribly confused by the Mano's menu

"Who, ummm, slept in, or, ummmm, used, my room last night?"
-- Torch, somewhat curious about the condoms in his wastebasket

"Far above the FUCKING LAKE"
-- One generally annoyed Scersk, adding his frustration to our Alma Mater.

"If we bought stock in beer we wouldn't be drinking, we'd be investing!"
-- Dersk

"She answers to 'Babe!'"
-- Dersk?, responding to the girl who just about gave herself whiplash when Ersk yelled 'Babe!' out the window of Dersk's car. (She was with a date too....)

"It's kind of like hitting a giant 'reset' button."
-- Dersk, on yakking. Ersk's yak in particular.

"My body just realized that I'm not going to feed it any more alcohol."
-- Sammy, Sunday morning, after being asked how he felt.

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