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Da Bones Quote Lists

Oh no...not another...

BoneComing '95.2

September 21-24, 1995

"Beer is a vegeble. Stogies are vegebles. We got BOTH kinds of vegebles."
-- kind of a group thing

"I burned 20 calories - I need a beer."
-- Mike

"Patience, Thirsty Boy."
-- Waitress at Mexicali Rose to Mike

"Those are BIG bells."
-- Sammy

"Jennifer Pierson, will you marry me?"
-- Tablewine's half-time show

"How many of you were at the Cornell football game this afternoon? If you were, you may have noticed that the halftime show included a proposal - and an acceptance. I'd like to ask for the help of all of you in toasting this, the first night of what is surely to be a long and joyous life together. To Jon and Jen!"
-- Dersk

"Don't get sentimentinental."
-- Sammy to Craig about the toast

"Gus has a weight problem."
-- Goon, noting that Gus was still full

"Just like losing his penis."
-- Craig, on what Rich would feel like if he lost his purple scarf

"Crack is good."
-- Sammy. Interpret as you will

"You roke up the witch!"
-- Goon (trying to say "You woke up Rich.")

"We have 43 seconds to finish this...[burp]"
-- da Bones, during last 43 seconds of game.

"You can just hold the tap up to your mouth and stand by the toilet, so you can just piss it out as you drink it!"
-- Post

"I haven't eaten in a month. I must be pregnant."
-- Trish

"Should I get between some women now?"
-- Sammy, when told about the potiential band reaction to Plush.

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