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Da Bones Quote Lists

Bonecoming 2010

September 24-26, 2010

Why aren't there more quotes on this board?! Alumni, FIX THIS!
-- Kathryn

Don't worry, no one is here yet.
-- Dersk

If the Bone is on the floor, do not knock on the door!
-- Amy, in reference to the "Disturbance of Dersk" (Now it's Abby's favorite saying)

Stop flicking the wang at me. *pause* Waving it doesn't make it any better.
-- Chad

Aris: Who wants to go to Hot Truck?
Chips: Why are you wearing a Thundercats shirt?
Aris: Why all the fucking questions?! Who wants to go to Hot Truck??

Kathryn: Jeffrey, kisses!
Jeff: NOPE.

Torch: Scersk has a one track mind...
Scersk (awakened by the sound of his name): Mmm, what, food?

Quarters; it's a really stupid game. Don't play it. But I'm REALLY good at it.
-- Sherman

Poor Torch. His game...is not good.
-- Dersk

"Het is beter over je tiets te lullen dan over je lul te tietsen."
-- Old Dutch Proverb, meaning "It is better to tinker with your bike
than to bike over your penis."

You were the attractive horn player.
-- DAve!, to Patty

You mother fucking fertile asshole.
-- DAve!, to Chris Parkin

Tisi! Right here, was where Ramin hooked up with your sister...
-- Chad

Never joke about an orgy more than three times...because after that, people will
take you seriously.
-- Kathryn

Pukety puke, sketchety sketch.
-- Barb, describing what Kathryn got to deal with at the end of the night

(As Danny Parkin is hitting Carbs with a ThunderStick)
Carbs: I surrender!
Chris: He doesn't know that word.
(Danny proceeds to hit Carbs on the head.)

(Lizzie uses an orgo lab technique in an attempt to release pressure from a bottle of Andre, but
sprays it everywhere. Dan Gu opens the bottle normally, and does not spray it everywhere)
Dan Gu: What the hell? I was fine, and I didn't even finish orgo lab.
Lizzie: Yeah Dan, why don't you keep bragging about that?

Wait, are you talking about "fighting" fighting, or "special" fighting?
-- Albert

Sherman (to Jared): Suck the head, it's tasty!
Dan Gu: Jared, you should be good at this!
Barb: Ew, he just got me wet.

Your face makes me laugh.
-- Sherman, to Dan Gu

-- Drive-by (turned out to be Jared)

Scersk (entering the room): It's really hot in here.
Da Bones (singing in unison): So take off all your clothes...

Garen (to Sherman, handing him a Mike's Hard Lemonade): Dude, I "Iced" you.
Sherman: I'm not going to chug this.
Garen: Then you're a pussy.
Sherman: I don't want to do it!
Garen: Then suck my dick!

Kathryn: Eh, do you what you want to do.
Torch: Well, what I want to do...is kinda sketchy.

I'm not going to get less drunk so other people can have sex.
-- Sherman

Dan Gu (about to shoot a bottlecap at Barb, whose facing him): Turn around!
BJ: Yes, it's ok to shoot girls in the back.
Someone random: Giggity!

Who invited the pretty girls? Obviously, they're not bandies.
-- Random girl at Saturday night's party at (New) Haus

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