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Da Bones Quote Lists

Euro-BoneComing '99

Boneginendag II in Amsterdam

April 27 - May 4, 1999

"I think I would have had more fun being sucked out of this hatch."
--Bill, at the conclusion of the in-flight movie: "You've Got Pure Unadulterated Crap"

"Um, shouldn't we wait til we get out of the customs area?"
--Opie, on being handed a beer at the arrival gate

--Bill and Rich many times while attempting to bike around Amsterdam without getting killed

--Rich, obliviously checking the map, in response to Bill's distress in seeing one of the most disturbing sights in his life.

"Well, at least you got your money's worth...and a sore ass."
--Rich, after returning Bill's rental bike

"What, has he caught something already?!"
--Chris, overhearing conversation with Bill about him needing medicine on the first day

"It's kinda like yours, only thicker."
--Bill, comparing his... cell phone to Dersk's

"Or you could get on the 'Reeeeeeeeebound Raaaaaceway!!!!'"
--Dersk, on Torch's surprise visitor's recent breakup

"You can set mine on 'vibrate'"
--Dersk, on his phone

--Opie, freudian slipping

Rich: "Don't bite Dersk."
Andrea: "Why not?"
Torch: "...at least not on his nose."
Andrea: "Where then?"
Torch: "Um... elbow."
Andrea: "Too hard - I already have false teeth [in front]."

"The Dutch have a word for that - 'mierenneuker' - 'ant f*cker'."
--Dersk, picking on Torch's analness

"Just leave your shoes on."
--Dersk's advice to Bill after seeing the inherited sheets

"I guess my legs are used to excercise, but my ass isn't...fortunately."
--Bill, the morning after the bike experience

"What the hell is Scott doing here?"
--Bill, at first sight of the big surprise

"How many more sheep have to die?"
--Scersk, in a frustrating attempt to relate a local Michigan commercial's humor. (ed. Note: I promised to put this in to make him feel better for the weak response.)

"Oh, God..."
--Torch, very randomly, grabbing gut after a gluttanous company gathering

Scersk: "I want to direct films."
Bill: "Well, I know how you can get into that."
Scersk: "I would [do that], but she'd never agree to it."

"Ich will eine Frau kaufen. Es war ein schoenes Bier."

"La Pizza!"
--Steve, at seeing a random pizza place in Amsterdam

"They play Go Fish, or Rummy, or a rousing game of Backgammon."
--Bill in response to Steve's inquiry about what happens in the Red-Light District behind the curtains

"...have sex with a tree stump..."
--Bill, at some point in the Red-Light District, in some context that was funny

*fill in any hilarious quote here*
--Steve, at any point when drunk...he said it all (Ed. Note: Steve owes me for using the umbrella clause)

"Oh, it was Scott"
--Bill, realizing the mistake he made by hanging up when the voice on the other end wasn't Torch.

"What's the use of gettin' sober if you've gotta get drunk again..."
--Joe Jackson

"Who's the girl in the previous picture?"
--Steve spotting Tablewine in Torch's CA pictures

Beggar to Steve who was leading the charge in the Red-Light District: "Got a gilder?"
Rich: "No, he's saving up for a whore."

Steve walks down the street after Queen's Day, picks up a coat, tries it on, and keeps it. Not a quote, nobody says this...it just happened.

Scersk: "Chicks dig the Gut."
Andrea, immediately: "No, they don't."

"You can bring your harem here..."
--Dersk, making plans with Torch on the phone

"What does Torch have to do for an hour and a half...ohhhhh."

Dersk: "The Dutch words for stairs and ladder are the same."
Simone: "How about the word for sliding down on your butt?"

Dersk: "We have medicine for everything in the states."
Bill, holding up his beer: "This is all the medicine I need."
Scersk, holding up his empty glass: "I'm out of medicine!"

"Well at least you didn't get splattered."
--Scersk, to Bill regarding the infamous Yale roadtrip

Scersk: "I've never had a really loud woman."
Dersk: "Well maybe you should bring a really sharp stick."

"Steve, all you need to catch up is 50 guilders."
--Scersk, on Steve's desire to increase his purity test score

Dersk: *burp*
Andrea: *brap*
Dersk: "You burp well, honey!"

"Bill, it took you two years and how much psychotherapy?"
--Dersk, on Bill's successful ascention to an ordained Cardinal

"Scersk wants food, Steve wants to look at whores...we can combine both!"

"So Bill, tell me more about butt-plugs."

Scersk: "Well, the way I figure it, there will be 8 people in the apt. Tonight...3 for me, 1 for each of you."
Bill: "What, is that based on body surface area?"

[Dersk, Rich, Scersk leave to pack the moving van]
[One hour later]

Bill: "Oh, where did they go? Oh, I feel bad. I feel so guilty. I was supposed to help them move. I should have gone. Oh oh, I feel bad."
[Two hours later]
Torch: "Ok Bill, they're ready for us to help. Let's go."
Bill: "What? I don't understand? Huh? I'll stay here with Simone."

"Woohoo! I can finally start drinking today!"
--Dersk, at 2am after a night of moving

"He was calling her 'bitch,' that must mean he wants her."

"It's like a game of hide-n-go seek. Pour a bottle of vodka down Bill's throat, spin him around 8 times, hide at Dersk's, and let him try to find his way back."
--Rich, on Bill's wandering adventure

Bill: "Do they sell Kilkenny in the states?"
Dersk: "I wouldn't know..."
Bill: "Oh, that's right, you've never been there."

"I love Hein-e-ken...Hein-e-ken is good."
--mantra chanted by da bones all week following the brainwashing Heineken Brewery tour.

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