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Da Bones Quote Lists

Micro-BoneComing West '99

SF and LA, California

April, 1999

Chuckie: You played point? I thought that only worked when you're xxxxx.
Bill: Mike brought supplies for playing point.
Chuckie: Hunh?
Bill: Uhhhh....supplies.
Chuckie: *dumb-founded* (emphasis on dumb)
Bill: He brought xxx
Rich: *spews beer*
TW and Torch: Laughing very hard and berating the poor, slow Chuckie

"Screw those electric cars, I'll take a gas guzzler anyday"
--Loud obnoxious drunk guy in Fibber Magee's

"I think I could market myself as a toy"

Torch - "Hey Chuckie, do I need to wear my hiking boots?"
Chuckie - "No, sandals will be fine"
2 hours later Torch is up to his ankles in mud and grousing.

"Don't hit the pedestrian, Chuckie!" ( x4 )
--Bones as passengers in Chuckie's SAV in SFO

"At least you're not babysitting a giant thermos."

Thrasher: "What do you think they serve at Jamba Juice?"
Bones "Juice."
--Another brilliant observation from Bill.

TW: "I think my cell phone might have gotten wet."
Thrasher: "How did it get wet?"
Bones: "Probably from the seven hours of rain we've been tramping around in all day."

New variations on "punchbuggy" or "slug bug" (the fun for all ages game of punching people when VW Bugs are spotted):
  • Motorcycle Noogie
  • Nissan Grope
  • Camry Stroke
  • Cadillac Thrust
  • Cadillac Cunnilingus
  • The Porsche Feel
  • Edsel Elbow
  • Ford Feltch

Thrasher (to his hair stylist): "I've had the same hair-cut for 23 years. Do you think you could do something different with it?"
Hair stylist: "I'm afraid not."

TW, on spotting Chuckie NOT in Tahoe: "So. You decided to screw the snow..."
Chuckie, sheepishly: "...or something like that..."
TW: "...or somebod...ooops..."
Chuckie: "Don't finish that thought."

"Sorry, she's dancing. I didn't hear a word you said."
--Rich, explaining why he was ignoring Torch.

"I hope she *sings* well."
--Torch, on the less-than-uh...-attractive karaoke singer

"What? Everyone's going to the bathroom. Is this like a group grope or what?!"
--Torch, on an unusually large mass bathroom excursion

"Please don't shimmy!"
--Rich, when the less-than-oh-you-know-what-I-mean singer got to the "the whole shack shimmies around and around and around and around!" bit of "Love Shack".................she shimmied.

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