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Da Bones Quote Lists

Jon and Jen Logan's Wedding

(and Tablewine's Bachelor Party!)

July 24-26, 1997

"Hey occifer! He's not drunk...but we are!"
--Tablewine, to one of Ithaca's finest, as the officer was questioning Andrew's sobriety after last call.

Craig, trying to understand "Point": "Does it help to have two points?"
Mike, thoughtfully: "...it helps to be stoned."

TW: "He's pointing at the little green batmans!"
Ersk: "You've seen the green batmen too?!?"
TW: "Yeah, that's when I stopped."

"My bone hasn't been greased in a while."
--Chuckie, in a pathetically blatant attempt at quote list fame. ;-)

"Ya oughta get a cup, unless you wanna be playin with them plastic testicles."
--Clavin, (of course) on Ersk's softball equipage

Bill: "Scersk, in his delusional mind, thought that he could have ----- anytime, anyplace."
Torch: "Are we forgetting that we're in her house, and she's upstairs?"
Bill: "Oh shit...well, it doesn't hurt me any."

"Ersk, are you okay with that? Because you know how possesive he gets..."
--Dersk, upon learning that Ersk slept with Torch. [not like that, dammit! -ed]

"Not to demean your car or anything, but it's the suckiest pieces of shit I've ever driven."
--Bill, on Scersk's car

Scersk: *hack, hack*
Bill: "That would be the first inhale for Scersk."

Scersk: "They smell good!"
Torch: "They smell like stogies."
Bill: "They smell better than piss."
Scersk: "Bill has to piss on himself if he misses a four putt."
Leahy: "I pissed my pants freshman year."

"Scersk lost"
--Ersk & Dersk, reporting on a surprise upset in the game of "Point."

"Glen Fineman was unavailable for comment."
--Dersk, on the upset.

"DAMN!" *grin*
--Dersk, remembering that Austrian chick

[sung, in unison]
"Smoke yer stogie on the porch porch porch..."
-Ersk and Dersk, in harmony, with feelin'

Torch: "Hey Opie,...you drunk?"
Opie: [middle finger]

"I'm sorry I have to do this again, but 'DAMN!'"
--Dersk, fondling memories of that Austrian

"There's gotta be something we can do with a naked Tablewine and some velcro."
--Dersk, trying to brainstorm wedding pranks

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