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Y2Bone: New Years 2000 in Ithaca

December 29, 1999 - January 3, 2000

Torch: "Is that a hickey?"
Scott: "No. I got my hair cut today."
Chad: "The barber gave you a hickey?"

Scersk: "Well, I figured it had to come out of one end."
Torch: "Did you just puke?"
Ersk: "No, he pissed."

"The card of the people!"
-- Everyone during Asshole

"I'm revved up like a douche."
-- Aris to Munoz

"When it comes to gay sex the desert fox has got it goin' on!"
-- Thrasher

Later followed by...
"The desert fox doesn't do oral sex."
-- Thrasher

-- Amy, as the bathroom toilet overflows downstairs.

"Where's the bathroom in this joint? (looks at Amy) I know you know."
-- Toby

"The 22 dollars I just spent at Joe's is all over the back porch."
-- Aris

"What did I say about the pellet guns?! No more shouting 'til midnight and only shooting outside!"
-- Eva

"This is what Polaroid is all about. There would have never been a porn industry without it."
-- Scersk, commenting on a sexy Polaroid commercial

(Someone hits a lamp causing it to flash)
Joe: "Y2K!!!"
Beaker: "No, its just Bill."

"We know the puke on the porch was yours Steve. There were stars in it."
-- Eva, the morning after Steve swallowed a glass of star confetti and champagne.

"Eww...Pat. He's got the old man smell."
-- Munoz, as Pat sits uncomfortably close to Munoz on the couch.

-- Bill (spelling matches pronunciation)

[Munoz repeating conversation with Eva...]
Munoz (as Eva): "Do you have any pots?"
Munoz (as himself): "No...but we have pot."

"The whole point of life is to care about nothing. Well, except for porn."
-- Bill

"There's never too much F going on."
-- Aris

"Of course, the Catholic Church totally sucks..."
-- Bill, riding shotgun in the car of a Notre Dame grad and current Catholic School teacher

"I'm gay...convert me!"
-- Bill, not calculating how his pick-up line could go horribly, horribly wrong

"No, Bill."
-- Scersk, even if it meant Bill getting some

"Scersk, you almost look dignified - if I didn't know you were a sexual deviant."
-- Chad

Ersk: "How do you turn that on?"
Munoz: "There used to be a knob..."

"I have a tremendously small prick."
-- Scersk

"You should not drink anymore."
-- Ersk, to Susan

"You know what we should do? We should do keg stands."
-- Dumas Scersk, at 4:30 am, thinking we wouldn't take him seriously

"I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to cut you off, buddy."
-- The bartender at Chapter House to Arsk on his 21st b-day

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