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Da Bones Quote Lists

Quotes of the Year: 2000-2001

"How can Rico say no to Hot Truck? Hot Truck’s always said yes to him."
-- Peggy

(in reference to Anna Kournikova)
Tom's weird friend Morris: "C’mon Tom, she’s fucking twelve!"
Chris: "No, she’s fucking hockey players."

"Where’s that guy who looks like Pocket Scersk?"
-- Mike Feigin

(in reference to Kirsten Dunst)
Becky: "Ya know...from Interview With a Vampire?"
Shaun, in shock: "Oh my goodness! The little girl? She’s hot!"

(still talking about Kirsten Dunst)
Shaun: "She’s got a cross on her crotch, does that mean it’s sick?"
Chad: "No...She’s here to help."

"I’m not old, I’m just sketch! There’s a difference!"
-- Brice, lamenting his inability to hit on undergrads

"We like being called the Ho Train! Choo-Woo!"
-- The Clarinet Ho Train (Leslie, Kirsten, and Diane)

Bizzaro: "We can house the whole [Princeton] Band."
Chips: "We need the flute section."
Rico: "Why, to F them?"
Chips: "No, for their conversational value..."

"Why are the Queers riding the ho train? To give it to the coal man."
-- Chad, with accompanying gestures

(in reference to long-distance capture the flag)
Bizzarro: "Tom you wouldn’t go to the Knoll if they told you the flag was there unguarded with a cold beer."
Tom Tone: "I’d take the Blue Light."
Bizzarro: "Tom, It would take Kathryn Bach sitting there asking for it to get you there."

"Where do you live? On what floor? And what kind of computer do you have?"
-- The Dodd, a thousand times, during Psychiatrist

"Tom wears boxers. We all know that."
-- Becky

Tom Tone: "So I saw Molly Oliver today."
Becky: "What was Molly Oliver doing at our house?"

Erin Nemoyer: "Give your folders to me in the library."
Chad: "Give it to Erin in the library?"
Bizzaro: "With the candlestick!"

Chips: "What do we have to do to get you to dress up for Halloween?"
Jacob: "Make me smile."
Jamie: "I can make you smile."

"Everytime I start to have fun, I remember I’m here to engineer."
-- Tau

Peggy: "Where are Sam and Tau? We should call them and tell them we’re having a party."
Jamie: "They wouldn’t come. They’re in bed already."

"Yabba Dabba Doo!"
-- German weightlifter Ronny Weller, upon lifting 210 Kilos, breaking the world record (for 30 seconds)

"Penises shouldn’t be me-sized."
-- Kim

"Where are da bitches that want some deep-dickin’?"
-- Joe, as Thrasher

"This scar is from 11th grade, when Scott Kelly dumped you..."
-- Grace to WILL on NBC’s Will + Grace. ie-Mr. Gay Man had an ex-bf named Scott Kelly

“Sooooooooooooo Stupid”
-- Bones, in reference to PBL

"Someone put a beer on!"
-- Chips, meaning to request music

"That was the worst blow job I’ve ever seen."
-- Rico, regerring BJ shots

Chips: "Yo, did you see Sam do the sperm today? He really creamed Tovah!"
Rico: "No! Eww."

Pepband trip to Brown/Harvard Hockey:

Rico: Oh Kozier! He's so creamy!
Chips: ????
Rico: ..... I meant to say dreamy.

"I'm Tom!"
-- Jacob playing 'psychiatrist' (albeit very poorly).

-- Jacob, falling off the bed.

"You want head? You got it!"
-- Tom Tone.

Barbecue at Rich H's:

Chips: "Sex: A Man's Guide"
Tom Tone: Hot dogs are done.

"The guy at the gas station said this was so good I had to get it."
-- Adara

Malinda: Where's the sex book?
Rich: In the bedroom

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