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Da Bones Quote Lists

Quotes of the Year: 2001-2002

Tom: I don't like carrying cash in *the field.*
Rico: You mean campus?

At the Halloween Party
Chad: What have we here? It's a... leopard whore, a Dorothy whore, a princess whore, a...
Usher (as characters from Moulin Rouge): We're whores.
Chad: And you're dressed as whores too.

Kim G.: Hey, what's in this? (waves vodka bottle with neon green liquid in it)
Chips: Um, where did you take that from?
Kim: The mantle.
Chips: And you've been drinking it?
Kim: Just a little.
Chips: I'm pretty sure that's paint.

Cominciamo! I am the Penis Monster!
-- Rico

-- Kim

Frosty lucky Farid! I blew his ass to pieces!
-- Rico

We've got a winner! High roller! In it for the big stakes!
-- The big wheel guy at Turning Stone when Tom won a $1 bet

I'm going to open your head... and your brains are going to be there!
-- Tom

Rico: This one is "the turn."
-Round of betting-
Rico: Now this one is "the turn."
Someone: Wasn't the last one the turn?
Rico: No, wait, what?

-About to deal-
Rico: Ah! -gives cards to Chips to cut-
-Chips taps deck-
-Rico cuts deck-
Rico: What? He cut the deck.

Chips: The cards... OF THE BEAST!
Jacob: Alright, even if I had a straight flush, I think I would have given that hand to you just for the look on your face.

Gerber (to Jacob): Come on, you gonna stay in? You got nothing, drop out! Give it up.
Jacob: Fold.
Chips: I call.
Gerber: What? No! Oh, shit.

Jacob: Alright, I'm gonna win big this hand.
Everyone else: I fold.
Jacob: Fuck you all!

Rico: ...and then the touching began...

(marching band...)
Chips: So, how would one get access to the $200 owed us?
Sandy: It doesn't exist.
Erin: We have it, but can't give it to you.
Gerber: It exists?
Molly: Well, you need to use it for a strictly...
(...vs. pep band)
Chris: So, how much do you want the pep band to give you?
Chips: $20 sound fair?
Chris: Sure, here you go.

Rico: Why does your section suck?
Gerber: Inbreeding.

The bones now control every organization in Cornell! ... except the band.
-- Chips, after Matt C.'s WVBR promotion

The rumors of my leaving band have been greatly exaggerated.
-- Chad, as Demetri, upon Demetri's brief return

-- Singing to "I Think We're Alone Now"
Rico: "Rico behave! That's what they say when I'm with children..."

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