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Da Bones Quote Lists

Quotes of the Year: 2002-2003

"See, this is why you need a quote list."
-- multiple bones throughout the year

"Ah, but there is a quote list...."
-- a bone with a pen

Orientation Week

"If no one else will give you the clap, then I will!"
-- applauding driver to caroling bones

"Who is that guy over there -- is he a freshman?"
-- Jamie, referring to Tom LaFalce

Interband diplomacy

Colgate drum major, after calling for their baritonist: Don't hurt him.
Us: We won't hurt him!
Colgate d.m.: If anything happens to him...
Tau: We won't hurt him. We'll be right here in front of you the whole time.
Colgate d.m.: I don't trust you guys at all...

Hey, I bet YOU'RE the drum major!
-- Princeton bandie, watching Chips conduct to himself


"(slams phone down) S***!"
-- Tau, realizing why the phone wouldn't let him finish dialing 91105...

Tau: You okay?
Chuckie: Okay is a relative word...
Tau: Are you okay for a bone?
Chuckie: Oh yeah!

Band Season

Lauren: I'm from Orlando.
Jacob: Isn't that where all those boy bands are from?

(Chris upends box wine over Jacob to help him finish it.)
Lauren: This looks like something out of a porn flick.

Jacob (sarcastically): Your command of the English language is impressive.
Chips: I don't command the English language, I dominate it.

Lauren: Vance is joining KDR.
Chips: What!? I have no son.
Vance: Moooooom!

Tau, dissolved rank R: Rachel, would it be alright if we had some tones march in your rank?
Rachel, horn, rank H: Yes, as long as we get to maintain our sovereignty.

"So I was thinking it might be time to start putting together a bone house...."
-- Alan

"Arrr, I'm the dread Pirate Alan Rrr Erickson, prepare to board the HMS Reeder."
-- Chips, c/o Happy Bus

"I'm never involved in the poop-deck."
-- Dread Pirate Alan Rrr. Erickson

"Alan put your shoes on!"
-- Many people

Tau: Alan, why aren't you wearing shoes?
Alan: Ah, you see, I have a bet with a friend. Or, well, actually more of a challenge.
Tau: But it's the band room!
Chips: It's okay: it's for lovin'.
Tau: Oh, okay.
Alan: It's not for lovin'.
Chips: It's for lovin'.
some person 4: Alan, where are your shoes?
Alan: It's this challenge...
person 4: But it's the band room!
Chips: No no no, it's okay. It's for lovin'.
person 4: I see...
Alan: It is *not* for lovin'.

"How did my fingers get all the way over there?"
-- Chips, on the finger ball

Chris Parkin: Motion to censure...
Dan Saltzberg: Motion to neuter...

Grant: You see, Tau, a whole man orders a double quarter pounder. You are half a man because you ordered a quarter pounder.
Rico: What about chicken? Is that okay?
Grant: Definitely no, chicken isn't manly at all.
Rico: Does that mean Chris isn't a man because he ordered chicken?
Chris: They're chicken nuggets.
Grant: Ah, see chicken nuggets are okay because the nugget implies manliness.

Jacob: Fletch, you know who I am, right?
Fletch: Yes I know who you are.
Jacob: See! Fletch knows who I am!
Fletch: Yes. ...You're Carberry.

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