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Da Bones Quote Lists

Quotes of the Year: 2003-2004

Early Impressions

Tau: I see you play the trombone.
Mike Murray: No, it's a very large trumpet. *walks away and opens case*
Tau: (dumbfounded silence)

Tau: Maggie, right?
Maggie N.: Yes.
Tori: Very good, Tau, I'm impressed!
Maggie N.: And you're Tau.
Tori: Yes, Maggie, way to go, since I just said his name.

Tau: What did you say your name was?
Maggie Cello: Maggie.
Tau: Wait... how is that possible?

Grant: Do you want to see this strange man chug bleu cheese? *points to Josh*
Matt Ginsberg: Yes!
Grant: See, he does!
Rico: C'mon, Josh, you're all about retention!
(Epilogue: The bleu cheese was retained, but Matt was not.)

Dining with Da Bones

Jen: Why do you do that?
Maggie N: I hate the fizz. *shakes Pepsi bottle*
Jen: Are you stupid or something?

Tau: I know a lot more Spanish than Taiwanese.
Jen: Me too.

BJ: You should do it! Do it...
Lauren: But I don't know what I'm doing!
BJ: I did it last year, I didn't know what I was doing.
Lauren: That's because you're stupid!

Becca: You're from New Hampshire? Where?
Mike Hsu: Nashua. Where are you from?
Becca: I'm from... you wouldn't know where it is.
Hsu: Where?
Becca: Fitzwilliam.
Hsu: I don't know where that is.

BJ: Mike Hsu, where are you from again?
Hsu: Nashua.
BJ: Nashville?
Rico: My God man...
BJ: Becca, where are you from again?
Becca: Fitzwilliam.
BJ: Prince William?
bones: *groan*

"We should take a shower break at some point before dinner..."
"Yes, definitely..."
"'For the good of the band!'"
-Rico and other bones, on crumpet truths

Life in the Ranks

Mike James: Hey, what do you say we turn Rank X into Rank XXX?
Keith: Stop! I have a rape whistle.

"There's too much sex in our section."

Tau: Ali, can we have some of your people?
Ali: You can have Josh Savrin.
Tau: Ew, we don't want Josh Savrin.
Josh: No one ever wants Josh Savrin!

Your Section Leaders at Work

Lauren: This is my favorite song.
Tau: Is this prog rock?
Lauren: Prague rock? I think they're American...
Tau: No no, like progressive rock. It doesn't mean they're from, like... the Netherlands.
Lauren: You mean Czechoslovakia?
Tau: It's not in the Netherlands?
Lauren: It's in Czechoslovakia.
Tau: Oh... Well. I guess it's the Czech Republic now, right? Or Slovakia?
Lauren: Prague is in Czechoslovakia.
Tau: But Czechoslovakia is no longer Czechoslovakia; it's the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Lauren: Oh, I don't know which one it's in.
Tau: Neither do I.
Fletch: It's in the Czech Republic, but either way, you're both wrong.

On Bandstaph

Tau: Are you surprised now that the band can function after seeing all that?
Maggie No-fizz: That was functioning?

A bone: Why weren't you at bandstaph?
BJ: I was taking a prelim.
A different, more oblivious bone: Why weren't you at bandstaph?
Vance: What's that? (kidding, fortunately)

"I never thought I could be so miserable."
-Maggie Cello, at DM elections

Band Season

"My dog had mange once..." *scratching head*

"Maggots!" *toss*

"Don't pee your armor."

"There's no 'h' in 'cello'!"

"ASCII sword!"

Rico: BJ, did you put the ice in the cooler BEFORE putting the sodas in?
BJ: Hey, it's me!

Rico: Okay, it's Hot Truck Friday. BJ's buying for the band.
Tau: He's buying the truck?
Rico: Yes, he's buying the whole truck.
Tau: They can call it the BJ Truck.
Rico: heehee *giggles*
Tau: What? Oh. Aw, no!
Rico: *giggles*

Random Yale passerby: You from Cornell? You from Cornell? You from Cornell? Cornell suuucks!

Random drunk Yale guy: You guys can't sit on that bench, that's a Davenport Bench!
Bryan: It's ok, we're bones.
Yale guy: Oh, OK.
*bones confused but satisfied*

Princeton host guy: What are you guys watching?
bones: Oklahoma.
Princeton: ...Are you serious?

Dubbing, by Keith
Keith as Tau with long sleeves: I lost my hands in Vietnam. Oh there they are!
Keith as Maggie on tree swing: Look at how flexible I am!

Tau: I'm leaning 51% to it being Mike Hsu.
Mike Hsu: Well you're 51% wrong.

"I'm the doctor."

Rico: Jen your profile is always like it's yelling.
Jen: What?
Rico: It's always so commanding. Like, "You! Do it! You know you do! Do it now! You know you do!"

Rich: So this picture of a pizza on your house list....
Lauren: Yup, the pizza guy.
Rich: Pfffpf...

"We can't tell if Bryan's drunk or just Bryan."

"Word of the day... official."
-Maggie N.

"And then I can patent pain... and go around, hitting people and charging for it!"
-Mike James

"Give me shirt or give me death!"

Jen: My mother is not a radio.
Maggie Cello: How can you be sure?

Allison: Does anyone want 50 lbs. of soil?
Osbestos: What are you going to do with 50 lbs. of soil?
Allison: Bury you!

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