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Da Bones Quote Lists

Quotes of the Year: 2011-2012

Fall 2011 and Bonerush 2012

Nick: That's the first and last time I'll ever kiss a guy.
'Stache: That's what they say about smoking.

Sarah: Do you think I could take anyone in this room? 'Cause I don't.

Shark: I just lost my bananas!

Sarah (to Zach): I hope one day you're fat, so I can be like 'lulz, you're fat.'

Tyler: Well, my main extracurricular activity has been-
Allison: Band?
Tyler: Well, really it's been drinking.

Shark: Not only does she have boobs, but she's fun to talk to.

Shark: I'd be better if my mouth was bigger.

Scersk: It's a sandwich, you fucking philistines!

Lizzie: If it's a straight guy, I don't give a flying shit,
but if it's a gay guy, I at least need to brush my teeth.

Jared: Penis should be somewhere!

Caroline: You're the worst boyfriend ever; you didn't fuck her and you didn't get her cake.

Andrew Tuba: JenWa said to wear something under my outfit so when
drunken bones disrobe me, it'll be okay.

Kathryn (at rehearsal): Is this where we're supposed to-FUCK, where are we?

Sarah, on drinking whiskey: It's disgusting, but my balls just grew.

Bill Murray (after we played Ghostbusters): Hey, play that one again!

TCPH: ... Salvia ... which is going well.

Frank (walks through door, stressed out tone): I need alcohol ...

JCS: I wanna ride the massive tricycle man!

Swobo: Can you die from buttsex?

Sarah: Frank, I don't really understand your balls.'

The Ziz: Michael is very useful.
Frodo: Oh, does he fit?

Kathryn: Did you go to Duff Ball?
Matt: Duff Ball didn't exist when I was here. Duffield Hall didn't exist when I was here.

Roger: So, I'm getting ready to defend.
Matt: A Ph.D. in three years? That's amazing.
Roger: Three and a half. I graduated a semester early to get started.
Matt: That's still impressive. Not only that, it's 25 percent
of the time Scersk needed to finish his doctorate.

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