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Da Bones Quote Lists

Quotes of the Year: 1996-1997

Steve: (opens the window to let some air in the room)
Nitro (to Steve): Where ya going?

Drunk Mike: You know...I love you Aris.
[Arsk immediately covers his behind with one hand]
Drunk Mike: What are you doing that for?
Arsk: So you don't rape me.

"I don't like to drink. It just makes me feel funny."
--Donna, as reported by Drunk Mike

"I love you Kelly, but in a beer way"
-- Mike Munoz after Kelly got him a beer.

"Where is Post? My zipper is undone."
-- Arsk. Both statements were unrelated but said one after the other.

"Maggie open your mouth for a second"
-- Arsk, aiming a... bottle cap.

"Why do you want food? It'll make you fat... ter."
-- Bill (to Scersk), while DPDough orders were being taken, trying to discourage Scersk from partaking.

"We grow up hearing that trumpets blew..."
-- Wynton Marsalis, the first line on the 1997 trumpet t-shirts

"Adam smells like God?"
-- Pat, after hearing a statement incorrectly.

Joe: "We don't need no pizza and wings."
Scersk: *slap!*
-- Scersk hits Joe after his uncharacteristic comment.

Arsk (to Liz): "Have you ever had a guy..."
Liz (interrupting Arsk): "Yes!"

"You know what Lowell stands for... stupid idiot head!"
-- Mike Munoz

"So Bill, have you tried anal sex?"
-- Scersk

"You big. Me small."
-- Mike Munoz, after being confronted with Ersk.

"It's pink. It says 'Oh no... light!'"
-- Liz, referring to the examination of a private inner feminine area.

"I let my actions do the boy-talking"
-- Woody, defending his boyhood?

"I had an imaginary sheep. No, it was a lamb. Her name was Springstee. We used to play together outside."
-- Liz, following Kelly's story of the 5 imaginary Kellys.

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