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Da Bones Quote Lists

Quotes of the Year: 1997-1998

"Mr. Happy was NEVER exposed to the air!"
--Arsk, at an early morning gig, discussing exhibitionism. Unfortunately he did not notice the old trustee that was walking behind him at that moment.

"Torch, is that you? Are we incorporated yet?"
-- Craig, during a long-distance phone call from 411.

Joe: *grabs a beer*
Kelly: "What are you doing?!?"
-- A confused Kelly yells at Joe after he gets a beer, which was actually for Arsk.

"Books... check 'em out!"
-- Everyone

-- Everyone to Gavin in reaction to him accidentally unplugging the life of the party... the lava lamp.

Arsk (looking at Christmas lights): "They're syncronized!"
Everybody: "No, they're not!"
Arsk: "Aw shit."
-- A drunk Arsk incorrectly perceives the make-shift disco lights.

"Don't let me interrupt your microscopic pleasure."
-- Harlie to DAve! as he looked at denim through a microscope.

Tovah: "I don't want to watch 'Field of Dreams' without my dad. I want my daddy!"
Woody: "I'll be your daddy."

"I've heard... stuff about you."
-- Smear after being introduced to Woody.

"I have no shhshhshh - drinking ability."
-- Harlie, after having Senator's vodka

"You gotta close your legs first."
-- Arsk, to Maggie

"Where's Post? *silence implying thought* He must be rushing... heh heh."
-- Shaun

*loud bang*
Woody: "What was that?"
Shaun: "It was my head!"

"What's up with you sportin' that single chest hair?"
-- Adara to Shaun, noting his unbuttoned shirt.

"I hope this is still soft."
-- Joe, describing hand putty

"It's starting to get hard now. Let me work it."
-- Harlie, regarding her playdough sculpture

"That was the most anti-climatic thing I've seen in weeks."
-- Lowell, after Harlie announced Woody's birthday two minutes before the surprise.

RPI bandie: "Oh, I get drunk about two times a month."
Kelly (looking to Jodi): "Oh, we get drunk about two times a week."

(Kelly and Jodi watching Star Trek while drunk)
Jodi: "Oh, look. He looks like he's going to get some, but she looks like..."
Kelly (interrupts): "my breast is sticky."

"Hamsters don't go up asses!"
-- Joe, doubting the Richard Gere legend.

"We can go upstairs and play with Maggie's crabs."
-- Liz, suggesting an activity to relieve boredom.

"There is no tying in the fan game!"
-- DAve!, refusing end a ridiculous game everyone else had grown tired of.

"They can carry guns in here but we can't drink a can of beer?!"
-- Arsk, as some ROTC guy carries a huge gun in Barton Hall.

"Nipples are strange things."
-- DAve!

"You read, I drink."
-- Smear to Katie during a game of Trivial Pursuit.

"Ooh! Balls! I love balls! Balls are so much fun."
-- Becky, referring toy rubber balls.

"Let's go to the Chinese Buffet. We can eat them out."
-- Becky

"I like to bang!"
-- Kelly

"Do you think the plural of 'penis' is 'peni'?"
-- Becky, makes a random comment while in 411 living room.

"Hey Sirens goalie, you're not a wall, you're a building.
You're not a building, you're a force field!
You're not a force field, you're just great!"
-- Shaun, at a game played by the local woman's hockey team.

Adara: "Kick his ass!"
Becky: "I can't. He's sitting on it."

"It's tough being the bizomb."
-- Joe

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