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Da Bones Quote Lists

Quotes of the Year: 1999-2000

"Nobody's touching the fetus"
-- Arsk, 6/26/99
(response: "We don't want to touch it, we just want to look at it" - Erica)

"Dodd! Dodd! Dodd!"
-- random strangers chanting Andy's name during capture the flag (july 99)

"Mmm, influenza-assy"
-- Rico, on the Willard Straight Becky's ass banana

Adara:"A subway series, that'd be good"
Joe:"No, a subway series would be time to poke your eyes out" (october 99)

"I almost ate Andy Dodd!"
-- Tom Tone at All-you-can eat wings night (11/29/99)

and some Jacob quotes...
"But Mr. Molson told me I could have another one!"
"I hear Becky. Is she in heaven?"
"This is my wallet" (pulling a comb out of his ass) "See, like the Fonz!"
"Of course I'm not going to have kids. C'mon, they won't turn out right anyway."
defending his right to a fifth or sixth beer:"Mr. Molson said I could have this!!"
"I'll probably get the nickname Sweet-meat and be in a cell with a guy named Bubba..."
-- Jacob

"Trumpets are assholes"
-- Everybody and their mother about 4 times a day.

-- Becky and Chips playing Password.

"I like my women like I like my steak... GAHREASY."
-- Drunk Josh Toll

"Imagine playing Quake... on a 10-foot screen!"
-- Dodd, with both hands

-- Random bones to Jacob while he was trying to finish Chad's screwdriver

"Do you love Beer?"
-- Sung by bones to 'Do you love me?' at the alum party at the Knoll

"Whoa, calm down there."
-- Security guard for Club SuperSex to Jacob in Montreal

"Chad looked at me like a wolf looks at a chicken with no legs."
-- Jedd about being bonepiled

-- Disco Tuba on Subculture

"Give my regards to Davy..."
-- Drunk bones to Hot Truck

"I didn't throw up."
-- Paul, after throwing up on the raincoats

"What do you want him to do? He has no opposable thumbs!"
-- Chips, getting a little too into watching "The Lion King"

"Fat Social! Up down around the gut........ who said gut? I've got one of those."
-- Team > .75T

"Yes, we are Team Drunk Wet Sex Orgy"
-- TP team at the Knoll one party

"Do you have any red beer... you know, like they have on St. Patricks Day?"
-- Jacob

"Oh, we have a gun."
-- Harvard Bandies staying with Chips, period.

"The topic is, STDs"
-- Chips and ?? (who said 'Rico'?) playing OFIGTK at 411

"Here's to bacon, to bacon to bacon..."
-- Bones at the bacon-bone Happy Hour

"Chad, the Beast wants your Bowdy."
-- Jacob, drunk, as usual

"I would, but I don't have the time to arrange a search party"
-- Jedd to Cheryl, about looking for her breasts

"C'mon Ref!"
-- The Sign

-- Bones (and sign) to Becca Schlowsky during Marching Elections

"Um, I forgot my comment."
-- Becca, choking

-- Chris Payne, enough said.

"Go get 'im, Ace"
-- Chad to BD

"I will not be out masturbated, I AM a giant penis!"
-- Antman, in the Boondoggle

"Skittles in my pocket!"
-- Jacob, with... skittles in his pocket.

"Oh, I thought you were going to say anal sex."
-- Chad and Chips

"Yo, my men-children."
-- Josh Toll

"I smoke da reefer"
-- Josh Toll

"Your head was split open and you were bleeding everywhere"
-- Heather O'Dell to Jacob about a dream

"The tool is on fire!"
"He's now a power tool"
-- Ramin and Jacob about the section B tool.

"I would like to say that the bones kick ass"
-- Dave Conn at some Thursday practice

"You guys sound like shit"
-- Dave Conn at some other Thursday practice

"You were rushing"
-- Ramin, right as we cut off recording

"Oh, that's the first beat?"
-- Jessi (horn) during recording session

"It's the omnimax"
-- Upperclassbones in regards to RPU

"I'm a groupie!"
-- The Power Towel

-- Tovah running away from people licking whipped cream off of Scersk

"Oh Andy, you make me so happy"
-- Drea to Dodd, which says it all.

"The Urinals are so tiny. A man of my size cannot fit in them."
-- Rico, in regards to the bathrooms at RPU

"We get the best seats at Yale"
"Oh definitely"
-- Kim and Chips, commenting on having a steel beam going through where our heads should have been at Princeton Hockey

"That's for biting the other bones!"
--Porn Star to Toll after Josh's first bonepile

"You're dating 6 women!?"
-- Happy Nick about Tom's harem

"Chips hat!...... Straight Hat!"
-- Chad, commenting on a possible marching style

"Can I have your autograph?"
-- Little Kid to Chips (and most of the other bones) at Princeton Hockey

"You Know how I can tell I'm not Drunk? [long pause] Well I can't...but I'm not!"
-- jake, unfortunately

"If you went to the zoo, and a monkey started throwing feces at you, would you throw them back? And if so, would you throw back their feces, or your own? "
-- Rico at OFIGTK

Ron in Princeton:
Ron:"I'm gonna run all 27.2 miles of that marathon. It'll be cake."
Matt:"You're going to run a whole mile past the finish?"
Ron:"Yeah. It'll be cake."

"I can't wait til we get to Princeton."
-- Ron, still in Princeton.

Ron:"I can't wait til I get my omelette."
Someone else:"Ron, you ordered a philly cheese steak."
Ron:"Doesn't an omelette come with that?"

Arsk:"How many shots did we do? Something like 5, right?"
Prsk:"No, it was six, I remember cause six is a round number."
-- Prsk and his one track mind

"Enema? I could go for one of those."
-- Smear

"I woke up and heard, 'Ersk needs another beer, and to take a big dump.' Right then I knew where I was and I was ok."
-- Rico

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